Scottish Diving

Yes, Scuba diving in Scotland! A lot of people cringe at the thought but although the conditions can be changeable it can be the best. Damien and I learned to dive in Scotland with Aberdeen Watersports in 2001. We had intended to do a lot of hill walking, tackling the Scottish Munroes but the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease put a halt to that idea. We enrolled in a PADI diving course and caught the bug - within a period of months we had bought our own equipment and signed up for a trip to the Red Sea. We have progressed our diver education to trimix qualifications since then with most of our diving every year being in the cold waters around Scotland. We have had many an enjoyable days diving with a core group of friends who, come rain or shine (or sea sickness) can put a smile on your face. This album contains some random diving shots that will hopefully show you that we aren't totally mad and that diving in Scotland is well worthwhile!