Underwater.Me ...and other photos...

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my online photo journal.

The main goal is to share memories with family and friends around the globe, letting them know what we've been up to..... If you fall into this category here's a little message for you:

"Damien and I are fine - working and playing hard as always. I hope you like the photos and make sure to keep in touch!"

I cannot claim any responsibility for the website construction - it has been one of Damiens projects and thankfully he has made it easily navigable - if you just want to look at the photos click on the slideshows.

If you have just surfed in - feel free to browse around and contact me with any feedback. Although I have been advised to put a copyright mark on some of my photos I am a total amateur and would be really flattered if you would like to use the images - just drop me a note.

Remember to check back in a while to see what we have been up to.....

Be good - Happy surfing!


PS just in case you are wondering we are updating the site and that's why it is a bit shoddy right now. Many apologies and we will get it all sorted very soon